W16-CM1 (120/230/277V Metal Halide)

W16-CM1 (120/230/277V Metal Halide)

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Solid brass, adjustable, canopy-mounted, directional fixture for line-voltage applications and metal halide lamps.

  • 120 / 230 / 277 Volts
  • Durable construction: all brass components
  • Overall length from knuckle pivot: 4.9" (12.4cm)
  • Diameter: 2.4" (6.1cm)
  • CSA Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, file # 190030





GX10  •  MR16  •  Ceramic Metal Halide (3000K)

MH20MR16SP 20 Watt 12° spot
MH20MR16NFL 20 Watt 25° narrow flood
MH20MR16FL 20 Watt 42° flood
HM39MR16SP 39 Watt 12° spot
MH39MR16NFL 39 Watt 25° narrow flood
MH39MR16FL 39 Watt 42° flood


Optical Accessories

BGS Brass glare shield, 45° cutoff
BGSF Brass glare shield, full cutoff
FR Frosted lens
HL1 Honeycomb louver, 1/8” (3mm) thick
HL2 Honeycomb louver, 1/4" (6mm) thick
PR Prismatic spread lens
RT Rectilinear spread lens
SL Solite lens


Mounting Accessories

SA Sure Aim locking rotation accessory


BALLAST-20W 120-277V Electronic, remote metal halide ballast, type M156
BALLAST-39W 120-277V Electronic, remote metal halide ballast, type M130