L-016 / L-016R [Turtle Friendly]

L-016 / L-016R [Turtle Friendly]

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Recessed Ceiling Fixture for New Construction or Remodel Construction

L-016: New Construction
L-016R: Remodel Construction

Fixture features cast brass trim, brass rotation ring, angling bracket up to 30 degrees, and integral magnetic 12V transformer. Suitable for Wet Location Use

Lens Type:

CL Clear tempered glass (standard)
FR Frosted tempered glass

Lamp: MR16 LED (GU-5.3 bi-pin) Amber Only, 1520K

4W-A-SP 4 watt AMBER spot LED, 15 degrees
4W-A-NFL 4 watt AMBER narrow flood, LED, 30 degrees
4W-A-FL 4 watt AMBER flood, LED, 60 degrees


9W-A-NFL 9 watt AMBER narrow flood, LED, 25 degrees
9W-A-FL 9 watt AMBER flood, LED, 36 degrees


HL-MR16 Lamp-Atttached Honeycomb Louver, 1/8” (3mm) thick
PR-MR16 Lamp-Attached Prismatic Spread Lens


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