Beachside Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1994, Beachside Lighting has been manufacturing here in Hawai’i.  We are proud to still be a domestic manufacturer of fixtures.  At the outset it may not seem as the most likely place to manufacture fixtures, but we maintain a high level of efficiency.  Beachside’s fixtures are made up of components manufactured both on the US mainland as well as Hawai’i.  Many of our vendors / partners have been with us from the beginning.  Beachside’s tooling is located at these companies to manufacture parts to our specification.

Machined Parts

How does inbound freight affect pricing?

Inbound freight is a very small portion of Beachside’s overall costs.  We have good arrangements with our suppliers to minimize the cost to our LA based freight forwarders.  Many ship at no charge because of the quantities.  In addition, the majority of our freight bill is ocean freight, but that is based upon volume, not weight.  Since we typically deal with heavy but small items, our cost is minimized.

Do we stock product?

While some fixtures are on the shelf, the majority of our fixtures are made to order.  We stock components, which allow us to turn fixtures around quickly.  We have blanket orders with our suppliers for releases at either set times or as demand necessitates.  As long as we have the fixture components, we can turn on a dime and do whatever it takes (including overtime) to get an order out by a promised date.  

Lead time?

Our lead time to ship smaller, standard fixture orders is often a few days.  Larger orders or those requiring acid finishing or plating may take 2 or 3 weeks, while custom orders may be longer.  Every effort is given to provide an accurate lead time initially, and we realize the value and future implications of meeting that deadline.

What about shipping & shipping costs?

Outbound freight can be shipped different ways, with transit time as short as a day via Air, or 3 weeks via ocean freight for large scale orders.  The majority of our orders ship UPS Ground, with a 3 – 6 business day transit time.  Costs as a percentage of the order are very reasonable, and especially so with our freight allowances.  See SHIPPING for details.

Customer Service

Beachside prides itself on customer service.  Having a quality line of fixtures is only part of the equation.  We take customer service very seriously and see it as a necessary compliment to our high quality product line.  In our early days, this helped us grow locally here in Hawai’i.  We couldn’t then, and still can’t now, afford to have anything but a top-notch reputation in the Islands.  Over the last 10 years, with more and more product going to the mainland and internationally, we have kept this commitment.  Our biggest customer service issue may indeed involve the time difference between Honolulu Standard Time and the mainland.  Even this has benefits though, as we can often still (by 4 P.M., HST) ship product from end of the day requests made by a mainland rep. or distributor.  Our warranty is top notch as well.  Please see WARRANTY.