Beachside Lighting produces its fixtures with a standard unfinished brass. The fixtures are brushed as a way to even out the appearance to rid any discoloration caused by machine oil or handling. Because there is no coating, the fixtures will soon weather to a natural brown color at inland locations or develop a green (verde) patina at near-ocean locations, as shown in the photos of the unfinished fixtures below. While we can't guarantee the rate of patina, generally this is what to expect:

First Week:
Out of the box, the fixtures are a dull, brushed brass. However, unlike standard lamp parts or brass door hardware, there is NO clear coat, meaning that any contact with moisture (in the air, rain, or sprinklers) will immediately start to dull the fixtures. Within the first week, the fixtures will lose their luster. This occurs regardless of geographic location.

 Finish_L-011-CM-KP-SQ1_nb-New  Finish_L011SGS3R-New
 Finish_L010PG-New  Finish_L012FC-New
 Finish_L011-New  Finish_L011-New-Start

Four Months:
At this stage the fixtures are in a transition phase. Some darkening or green patina will continue to occur. At this point there is no sign of any shininess. Some fixtures at near-ocean locations will develop hints of green patina. Other fixtures in tropical locations with high humidity but away from the ocean will take on a reddish color and/or darken. Inland fixtures will have already darkened and may not change any further.

 Finish_R008-Four  Finish_L011TMJB48-Four
 Finish_M38TMJB-Four  Finish_MB812-Four

After One Year:
At this stage, the color of the aging fixture has been 80 - 90% finalized. Inland fixtures will be a darker color. Near-ocean fixtures will have gone green. Even prevailing wind can make a difference — those on the windward side of islands will turn green while fixtures near canals with more brackish water will remain dark.

 Finish_M3-year  Finish_MB728-2-Year
 Finish_MB528-Year  Finish_R008LED-Year
 Finish_M38GS2-Year  Finish_MB728-Year
 Finish_R007-Year  Finish_L011Snow-Year
 Finish_L010PG-Year  Finish_L012F-Year

Beachside recommends simply letting the fixture 'do its thing' naturally by aging on its own. This is especially true for landscape fixtures in near-ocean locations. There is no special code for specifying the fixture to remain unfinished.

***** For those who desire a different appearance than that of natural brass, Beachside Lighting offers powder coating and three acid finish choices:

Acid Finishes: The acid finishes are actually colors produced in acid reactions with the brass & copper. There is a lacquer coating over the finish, but in an outdoor salt-air environment the colored fixture will start developing hints of natural green patina, eventually giving way to this coloring at the closest of oceanfront locations. The fixture below was done with a dark bronze finish, but because of its oceanfront location the natural patina has started to show.

 Finish_L-013-S-FIN-DB Large Rectangular Back Plate Near Ocean

This is a natural process where salt air reacts with the copper in the brass alloy. Fixtures away from ocean locations can maintain their black, dark bronze or nickel acid finishes for years. Simply supply the finish code at the end of the fixture specification. For example, L-016-F-FIN-DB (shown below). Again, standard unfinished fixtures require no finish code.

Nickel Acid: For a stainless steel appearance that is more popular in Europe and the Middle East, Beachside implements a nickel acid wash. Like other Acid Finishes, at near-ocean exterior locations, ultimately small hints of green patina will eventually appear. The degree of green will depend on the proximity to the ocean and the prevailing winds. However, unlike stainless steel, rust will never develop.

  FIN-NA New   FIN-NA Aged

This E8-H fixture on the left in was installed about 60 meters from the ocean. One year later, some green has developed on the surface. (Click images to enlarge.)

Powder Coating: Beachside also offers powder coating of fixtures, although we don't recommend it for exterior near-ocean locations. Eventually the powder coating is subject to flaking if exposed to direct salt spray. However, unlike a powder coated aluminum fixture, Beachside's brass fixtures will not pit or corrode. Instead, the natural green patina will develop. The biggest demand for powder coating is for the color white, which cannot be offered in an acid finish. We welcome inquiries regarding matching a specific color.

 Finish_L-022 Custom for Hunters Point San Francisco

Vandal Resistant Bollard in Custom Light Gray Powdercoat, San Francisco, CA

Cost & Lead Time: The finishing processes are labor intensive, requiring additional prep work on the components. Because of this, acid finishing and powder coating add cost to the fixture. Please consult your sales representative for an estimate on cost and additional lead time for the fixtures.

Available Finishes are Shown Below:




Dark Bronze



 Nickel Acid

Powder Coating