MB-Series Multi-Louver – Various Shade Styles (12V Bi-pin LED/Xenon/Halogen, E26/E27 Base 120V/230V LED/Metal Halide)


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  • MB3-28 at Shriner's Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • MB3-12 at Private Residence, St. Thomas, USVI
  • MB3-4 at Mid-Ocean Club, Bermuda
  • MB5-28 in Naples, Florida
  • MB5-4
  • MB6-28 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • MB6-12 at a Residence,  Kentfield, California
  • MB6-4 with White Powdercoat at Shutters On The Beach, Santa Monica, California
  • MB6-4 on Wood Post, Jamaica
  • MB7-28 in Bermuda
  • MB7-28 in Florida Keys
  • MB7-28 at Residential Development, Islamorada, Florida
  • MB7-28 in Florida Keys
  • MB7-12 at Hilton Waikikian, Honolulu, Hawai'i
  • MB7-4
  • MB8-28 at Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • MB8-12 at Key Biscayne, Miami,  Florida
  • MB8-4

MB-Series Shade Styles


MB-Series (Multi-Louver)

The MB-Series bollards are the ultimate in heavy-duty landscape lighting. Made of cast brass, these fixtures are larger in scale than other Beachside fixtures and use LED Omnidirectional Lamping. Access to the vapor-proof glass lens for re-lamping is via stainless steel socket screws at the underside of the bottom louver. Standard shaft heights are 4, 12, and 28 inches. Custom shaft heights are available.

The MB-Series fixtures have another application ideal for their rugged construction: docks. A standard 4" high x 4" OD shaft surrounds an internal brass collar, which is securely attached to the top of a pylon by 3/8" stainless steel lag screws. Cast brass louvers angled at 45 degrees surround the lens to virtually eliminate glare. Light sources include 12V, 120V, and 230V LED and Metal Halide.

The MB-series bollards with amber LED lamps are certified as “Wildlife Friendly” by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. To view these fixtures click HERE.

  • Available in 12V, 120V, and 230. Remote transformer required for 12V.
  • Durable construction: all brass components and shades
  • CSA Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, file #190030
  • Stems available in three sizes: 16", 20" (standard), & 24"


MB3 Specifications
MB5 Specifications
MB6 Specifications
MB7 Specifications
MB8 Specifications

12V MB-Series Instructions
120V MB-Series Instructions
MB Template for Anchor Bolts & Conduit Positioning


12 Volt Lamps

G4 / G6.35 / GY6.35  •  100W max

4W-G4 4 Watt LED (2700K)
20X 20 Watt Xenon
35H 35 Watt Halogen
50H 50 Watt Halogen
75H 75 Watt Halogen
100H 100 Watt Halogen


120 Volt Lamps

E26 or E27 (medium screw base)  •  100W max

9W-A19 9 Watt LED (3000K)
26CFL 26 Watt self-ballasted CFL
50MH 50 Watt Metal Halide, ED17 type
75MH 75 Watts Metal Halide, ED17 type
100MH 100 Watts Metal Halide, ED17 type


HSM Half shield for 180° illumination