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MB2 (12/120/230V LED, 120/230/277V Metal Halide)

MB2 (12/120/230V LED, 120/230/277V Metal Halide)

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MB2      Shown above with dark bronze finish

Classic-Style Bollard for Concrete Installation

  • Available in 12V and 120V / 230V for LED
  • Availalbe for 120 / 230 / 277 Volts Metal Halide
  • Durable construction - all brass components
  • Dimensions: 4" diameter x 26.6" height (10.2 x 67.4 cm)


12V LED Instructions
120V LED Instructions
Metal Halide Instructions
MB Template for Anchor Bolts & Conduit Positioning


Test Reports / Photometrics

MB2-20MH MB2-20MH
MB2-39MH MB2-39MH
MB2-120V-8W MB2-120V-8W
MB2-120V-MH20MR16SP MB2-120V-MH20MR16SP
MB2-120V-MH39MR16SP MB2-120V-MH39MR16SP


12 Volt Lamps

GU5.3  •  MR16 LED  •  Remote transformer required

5W-A-NFL 5 Watt Amber (1500K)
5W-NFL 5 Watt Warm White (3000K)
7W-NFL 7 Watt Warm White (3000K)
8W-NFL 8 Watt Warm White (3000K)


120 / 230 Volt Lamps

GU10  •  MR16 LED

5W-A-NFL 5 Watt Amber (1500K)
5W-NFL 5 Watt Warm White (3000K)
8W-NFL 8 Watt Warm White (3000K)


120 / 230 / 277 Volt Metal Halide Lamps

GX10  •  MR16 Ceramic Metal Halide

MH20MR16SP 20 Watt CMH (3000K)
MH39MR16SP 39 Watt CMH (3000K)


Optical Accessories

HS-MB2 Half shield for 180° illumination



FIN-BK Black Acid Finish
FIN-DB Dark Bronze Acid Finish
FIN-NK Satin Nickel Plating