MB4 (12/120V LED)

The MB4 is a Low-Height Contemporary-Style Brass Bollard

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  • MB4-20
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  • MB4-20 with BSB
  • MB4-9 with BSB
  • MB4-20 at Residential Complex in Waikiki, O'ahu
  • MB4-20 with JB, Honolulu, Hawai'i
  • MB4-20


Contemporary Brass Bollard

  • Available in 12V or 120V for LED
  • Durable construction: all brass components
  • Dimensions: 2.4" diameter, 8.7" or 20" high (6.1cm x 22cm/50.8cm)
  • CSA Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, file # 190030


12V Instructions
120V Instructions
Dimmer / Transformer Compatibility


12V Lamps

MR16 LED  •  GU5.3  •  Remote transformer required

5W-A-NFL 5 Watt AMBER (1500K)
8W-SP 8 Watt Warm White (3000K)


Triple LED Module  •  Remote transformer required

7W-A-SP 7 Watt AMBER (1500K)
11W-SP 11 Watt Warm White (3000K)*

* Also available in 2700K. Add color suffix to lamp specification, e.g. "11W-SP-2700K"


120V Lamps

MR16 LED  •  GU10

5W-A-NFL 5 Watt AMBER (1500K)
8W-SP 8 Watt Warm White (3000K)


Optical Accessory

HS-MB4 Half shield for 180° illumination
HS-MB4-270 270° shield for 90° illumination


Mounting Accessories

BSB Brass surface box
GS2BC Heavy-duty ground spike with cast brass cap
JB Cast brass junction box