E16-H (12V Integrated LED)

E16-H (12V Integrated LED)

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E16-H     Shown above in unfinished brass

Solid Brass, Low-voltage LED Downlight

  • Overall cylinder length: 3.8" (9.8cm)
  • Diameter: 2.4" (6cm)
  • Supplied with 20" stainless steel cable, 36" lead wire, and 1/2" male fitting for mounting accessory.
  • 12 Volts AC.  Remote transformer required.


Dimmer / Transformer Compatibility
LED Light Engine Thermal Test Report for Hot Tropical & Desert Climates


Test Reports / Photometrics

E16-7W-A-SP E16-7W-A-SP
E16-7W-A-NFL E16-7W-A-NFL
E16-7W-A-FL E16-7W-A-FL
E16-11W-SP E16-11W-SP
E16-11W-NFL E16-11W-NFL
E16-11W-FL E16-11W-FL



Cree triple LED: 7 Watt AMBER (1350K) and 11 Watt Warm White (3000K)*

7W-A-SP 7 Watt 10° spot
7W-A-NFL 7 Watt 30° narrow flood
7W-A-FL 7 Watt 60° flood
11W-SP 11 Watt 10° spot
11W-NFL 11 Watt 30° narrow flood
11W-FL 11 Watt 60° flood

* Also available in 2700K. Add color suffix to lamp specification, e.g. "11W-SP-2700K"


Mounting Accessories

TDM1 Brass tree/deck mount with stainless steel screws
TDM2 Brass tree mount with nylon strap (48", 72", or 96")
TDM2SS Brass tree mount with stainless steel strap (48", 72", or 96")
TDM3 Brass low-profile deck/wall mount (SA accessory recommended)
TDM4 Brass low-profile tree mount with notch for wire (SA accessory recommended)
TMJB Brass tree-mounted junction box, single fixture mount, stainless steel strap (48", 72", or 96")
TMJBX Brass tree-mounted junction box, single fixture mount, stainless steel screws


Optical Accessories

BGSF Brass glare shield, full cutoff
FR Frosted lens
HL1 Honeycomb louver, 1/8” (3mm) thick
PR Prismatic spread lens
RT Rectilinear spread lens
SL Solite lens