Turtle Friendly

Over the last three decades, greater attention has been given to one particular plight of sea turtles in coastal areas: beach lighting. Sea turtles coming to the shore to lay eggs will get disoriented by artificial light, which can keep them from nesting. For those that do nest, their hatchlings may be tricked into going toward man-made lighting sources instead of the instinctively attractive starlight or moonlight reflecting off the water. Once traveling in the wrong direction, a hatchling can become dehydrated, be prey for land-based predators, or even be run over by an automobile. Beachside Lighting has worked closely with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to offer turtle-safe lighting fixtures that accept low-wattage / long-wavelength amber LED sources.

Of course, Beachside fixtures are solid brass to withstand the elements at installations near the ocean. Below are some of our approved fixtures. View the complete line of approved fixtures on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website, including additional Beachside fixtures.

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