CTO Warming Filters

CTO Warming Filters

CTO – Color Temperature Orange Warming Filters

The CTO filters allow warming of the starting color temperature, ranging from ¼ (warming approximately 300 CCT) to ¾ (warming approximately 700 CCT).  Each of the three choices are available in three different diameters, depending on with which luminaire the filter is used.


CTO 1/4 CTO 1/2 CTO 3/4
Light Transmission 94% 83% 88%
2700K 2450K 2200K 2000K
3000K 2700K 2400K 2200K
CTO-XX-1.36 1.36” (34.5mm) dia.
Fits: E1, E1-S, E2, E3 Series, E4, E8 Series, MB1, X1, X1-S, and Z1 fixtures.
CTO-XX-1.96 1.96” (49.5mm) dia.
Fits: L-010, L-016 Series, and MB2 fixtures (all with HMR16-S).
CTO-XX-2.04 2.04” (52mm) dia.
Fits: E9 Series, E16, E17, L-009, L-011, L-012, L-013-S, L-014-S, MB4, and R-Series pathlight fixtures.
CTO-1/4-STL Fits: STL steplight


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