(12V MR16 LED/Halogen)

(12V MR16 LED/Halogen)

Solid Brass Hanging Downlight

  • Supplied with 20″ stainless steel cable, 36″ lead wire, and 1/2″ male fitting for mounting accessory
  • Can also be hung directly by loop
  • Remote transformer required
Voltage 12V AC
Lamps MR16 LED & Halogen
Lumens 630 max (LED)
CCT 1500K
Dimensions 2.4″ dia. x 4.2″ (6 x 10.6 cm)

GU5.3 MR16 LED
AMBER (1500K) and Warm White (2700/3000K)*

5W-A-NFL 5 Watt AMBER 25° narrow flood
5W-SP 5 Watt 15° spot
5W-NFL 5 Watt 25° narrow flood
5W-FL 5 Watt 40° flood
5W-FL/60 5 Watt 60° flood
5W-WFL 5 Watt 100° flood
7W-FL/60 7 Watt 60° flood
8W-SP 8 Watt 10° spot
8W-NFL 8 Watt 25° narrow flood
8W-FL 8 Watt 36° flood

* Add color suffix (“-27” for 2700K, “-30” for 3000K) to lamp specification, e.g. “5W-NFL-27

CMK Catenary cable mounting kit (Instructions)
TDM1 Brass tree/deck mount with stainless steel screws
TDM2 Brass tree mount with nylon strap (48″, 72″, or 96″)
TDM2SS Brass tree mount with stainless steel strap (48″, 72″, or 96″)
TDM3-HANG Brass low-profile deck/wall mount—for hanging fixtures
TDM4-HANG Brass low-profile tree mount with notches for wire—for hanging fixtures
TMJB Brass, tree-mounted junction box, single fixture mount, stainless steel strap (48″, 72″, or 96″)
TMJBX Brass, tree-mounted junction box, single fixture mount, stainless steel screws
FR Frosted lens
HL1 Honeycomb louver, 1/8” (3mm) thick
KP Extended snoot
PR Prismatic spread lens
RT Rectilinear spread lens
SL Solite lens