L-017 Turtle Friendly
(12/120/230V MR16 LED)

L-017 Turtle Friendly
(12/120/230V MR16 LED)

Brass & Composite In-Ground Pathlight for High Traffic & Drive-Over Applications

The L-017 series in-ground drive-over fixtures are brass & composite pathlights for high-traffic areas. This low-profile fixture is ideal for paths with low ground cover and along pathways used by golf carts, service trucks, or automobiles at country clubs & resorts.

  • CR” versions add a Concrete Ring for fully recessed concrete installation.  Ring diameter is 6.7″ (17cm) and exposed height reduces to 1.7″ (4.2 cm).   [L-017-CR, L-017-C-CR]
  • Remote transformer required for 12V
Voltage 12V, 120v, 230V
Lamps MR16 LED
CCT 1500K
Dimensions 6.5″ dia. x 1.9″ exposed height (16.5 x 4.9 cm)


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12 Volt input, remote transformer required
GU5.3 MR16 LED

5W-A-NFL 5 Watt AMBER (1500K)

120 or 230 Volt input

5W-A-NFL 5 Watt AMBER (1500K)
CR Concrete Ring for recessed installation
HS17-1 Shield for single-sector illumination
HS17-2 Shield for dual adjacent-sector illumination
HS17-OP Shield for opposite-sector illumination


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