TMJB Tree-Mount Junction Box

TMJB Tree-Mount Junction Box

Brass Tree-Mounted Junction Box with Stainless Steel Strap and Buckle

  • Adjustable strap is available in 48″, 72″, and 96″ lengths
  • Two 1/2″ taps on opposite side walls and one in back for conduit fittings

TMJB:  One 1/2″ tap in cover for single fixture
TMJB2:  Two 1/2″ taps in cover for double fixture
TMJB3:  Three 1/2″ taps in cover for three fixtures or two fixtures + Motion Sensor

Strap length suffix:
-48:  48″ (122cm) strap
-72:  72″ (183cm) strap
-96:  96″ (244cm) strap