M-Series LED Pathlights (12V / 120V / 230V LED Single Louver)


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M-Series Shade Styles


M-Series LED

Beachside Lighting's M-Series LED Pathlights are the ultimate in heavy-duty landscape lighting. Made of cast brass, these fixtures are larger than other Beachside pathlights. The lamp is protected by a threaded glass lens. Risers are schedule 80 brass pipe. M-Series fixtures with a single-louver design use a directional LED source and reflector. A traditional multi-louver design is also available for halogen, xenon, metal halide, and omnidirectional LED light sources.

All fixtures are CSA Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, file #190030.

  • Available for 12 Volts, 120 Volts, and 230 Volts
  • Durable construction: all brass components
  • Stems available in three sizes: 16", 20" (standard), & 24"


M3 Specifications
M5 Specifications
M6 Specifications
M7 Specifications
M8 Specifications

12V M-Series LED Instructions
120V M-Series LED Instructions


12 Volt Lamps

GU5.3  •  MR16 LED  •  Remote transformer required

5W-A* 5 Watt Amber (1500K)
5W 5 Watt Warm White (3000K)
7W 7 Watt Warm White (3000K)
8W 8 Watt Warm White (3000K)


120 / 230 Volt Lamps

GU10  •  MR16 LED

5W-A* 5 Watt Amber (1500K)
5W 5 Watt Warm White (3000K)
8W 8 Watt Warm White (3000K)

 * Wildlife Lighting / Turtle Friendly as Approved by Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission


Optical Accessories

HSM-LED Half shield for 180° illumination


Mounting Accessories

GS2BC Heavy-duty ground spike with cast brass cap
JB Cast brass junction box