E3-SQ (12V LED)

E3-SQ (12V LED)

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E3-SQ     Shown with nickel finish

Square, Solid Brass Steplight / Uplight

  • 12 Volt AC (LEDs with integral driver, 9-15V input, dimmable below 9V).
  • Remote transformer required.
  • Trim size: 2.17" (5.5cm) square
  • Depth: 3.14" (8.0cm)


Dimmer / Transformer Compatibility
LED Light Engine Thermal Test Report for Hot Tropical & Desert Climates


Test Reports / Photometrics*


*The E3-SQ fixture shares the same light engines and housing as the E3-R fixtures. Please refer to the E3-R files for additional photometric information.



Cree XPE2 LED: 2 Watt Amber (1500K)
Cree XPG2 LED: 3 Watt Warm White (3000K)*
Triac Dimmable down to: MLV <5% typical, ELV <10% typical

2W-A-SP 2 Watt Amber Spot
10° beam, 19° field
2W-A-NFL 2 Watt Amber Narrow Flood
15° beam, 31° field
2W-A-FL 2 Watt Amber Flood
29° beam, 60° field
3W-SP 3 Watt Spot
13° beam, 23° field
3W-NFL 3 Watt Narrow Flood
17° beam, 36° field
3W-FL 3 Watt Flood
30° beam, 61° field

* Also available in 2700K. Add color suffix to lamp specification, e.g. "3W-NFL-2700K"


MR11 LED: 2 Watt Amber (1500K) or Warm White (3000K)

2W-A-MR11-SP 2 Watt Amber 15° spot
2W-A-MR11-NFL 2 Watt Amber
30° narrow flood
2W-A-MR11-FL 2 Watt Amber
60° flood
2W-MR11-SP 2 Watt 15° spot
2W-MR11-NFL 2 Watt 30° narrow flood
2W-MR11-FL 2 Watt 60° flood


Optical Accessories

FR8 Frosted glass lens
HL8 Honeycomb louver, 1/8” (3mm) thick


Mounting Accessories

CF (Limited Depth / Remote Splice) Conduit Fitting (increases overall length to 4.5" / 11.4cm)
CFK Concrete Form Kit
DM Deck Mount adapter ring for wooden decks