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L-012 (12V LED and Halogen)

L-012 (12V LED and Halogen)

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L-012     Shown above at a Gloucester, Massachusetts, residence

Cast Brass Steplight with Recessed Housing

  • 12 Volts AC
  • Remote transformer required
  • Suitable for both combustible and non-combustible applications
  • Faceplate dimensions: 4.4" diameter x 2.1" extension (11.2 x 5.3cm)
  • 3" OD x 4.5" Deep (7.6 x 11.4cm) copper rough-in spacer is provided



Test Reports / Photometrics

L-012-FR-5W-A-NFL L-012-FR-5W-A-NFL
L-012-FR-5W-FL L-012-FR-5W-FL


Lens Types

CL Clear glass
FR Frosted glass
RT Rectilinear spread lens


Lamps (Combustible surface installation limited to 10 Watts max.)

MR16 LED: 5 or 9 Watt warm white (3000K), 5 Watt Amber (1500K)

5W-A-NFL* 5 Watt amber 25° narrow flood
5W-SP 5 Watt 15° spot
5W-NFL 5 Watt 25° narrow flood
5W-FL 5 Watt 40° flood
5W-FL/60 5 Watt 60° flood
5W-WFL 5 Watt 100° wide flood
9W-SP 9 Watt 10° spot
9W-NFL 9 Watt 25° narrow flood
9W-FL 9 Watt 36° flood

 * Wildlife Lighting / Turtle Friendly as Approved by Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

MR16 Halogen, 50 Watts maximum

BAB 20 Watt 36° narrow flood
BAB/60 20 Watt 60° flood
FMW 35 Watt 36° narrow flood
FMW/60 35 Watt 60° flood
EXN 50 Watt 36° narrow flood
FNV 50 Watt 60 flood