• Brass Rotation Mount Standard male-threaded knuckle half is replaced with SA (threaded into canopy, fixed) and mating female knuckle half.  Allows for locking rotation using a set screw without removing the canopy.  Directional fixtures only. Specifications
  • Machined Square Brass Canopy
    • Supplied with brass crossbar for standard 2.75" and 3.5" hole spacing and single-gang boxes.
    • Supplied with gasket and black stainless steel screws
    • Dimensions: 4.75" square x 0.5" thick (12.1 x 1.4 cm)
    SQ One slip-fit center hole.  Substitution accessory for Beachside fixtures using a straight arm, including L-013 & L-014 series, L-023, and L-024.
    SQ1 One 1/2" tap for single fixture.  Substitution accessory for Beachside fixtures using standard knuckle or SA accessory, including E16 and L-011-CM & L-011-P-CM series fixtures.
    SQ2 Two 1/2" taps for dual fixture.  Substitution accessory for dual-head models (L-011-CM2, L-011-P-CM2)
    SQ3 Three 1/2" taps for dual fixture + Motion Sensor.  Standard with L-011-CM2 with MS.
      Specifications Brass Crossbar Specifications (included with canopy)
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