Beachside Lighting guarantees its fixtures to be free from manufacturing defect for ten (10) years from the date of purchase. This includes deterioration due to corrosion from external elements, and includes electrical components such as sockets and wiring. Integrated LED light engines are guaranteed for five (5) years. Removable (“drop-in”) LED lamps are guaranteed for three (3) years.

This warranty is void if the fixture is not installed in accordance to specific fixture instructions, has been modified, or is used in a non-standard application. Should a fixture need to be submitted for return, a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) is required from Beachside Lighting. The repair or replacement of a fixture’s component(s) or entire fixture is at Beachside Lighting’s discretion. Any labor needed to remove or re-install the fixture is the responsibility of the purchaser and is not covered in this warranty. Copper and brass patina naturally. Beachside Lighting will not make any guarantee as to the rate or extent of this natural process. While this legalese is a requirement to protect the manufacturer in the above-mentioned instances, all of our clients’ concerns are of great importance to Beachside Lighting. We realize the value of keeping a satisfied customer.