(12V MR16 LED, 120/230V MR16 LED/Metal Halide)

(12V MR16 LED, 120/230V MR16 LED/Metal Halide)

Dual-Head Brass Outdoor Canopy-Mounted Gobo Pattern Projector

  • Fixture uses stainless steel gobos (51.5 mm overall diameter) to project a pattern onto ground or wall
  • Remote transformer required for 12 Volt
Voltage 12V, 120V, 230V
Lamps MR16 LED & Metal Halide
CCT 2700K
Dimensions 2.5″ dia. lamp housing (6.3 cm), 4.75″ dia. canopy (12.1 cm)
Overall length from knuckle pivot: 5.9″ (14.9 cm) for 12 Volt, 7.8″ (19.9 cm) for 120/230 Volt

12 Volts, Remote transformer required
GU5.3 MR16 LED  •  Warm White (2700/3000K)

8W-NFL-27 8 Watt (2700K) 25° narrow flood
8W-NFL-30 8 Watt (3000K) 25° narrow flood

L-011-P-CM2-120V, L-011-P-CM2-230V
120/230 Volts
GU10 MR16 LED  •  Warm White (2700/3000K)

8W-NFL-27-120V 8 Watt (2700K) 25° narrow flood
8W-NFL-30-120V 8 Watt (3000K) 25° narrow flood

L-011-P-CM2-MH-120V, L-011-P-CM2-MH-230V
120/230 Volts, Ceramic Metal Halide
GX10 MR16 MH  •  Remote ballast required

MH20MR16SP 20 Watt 12° spot
MH39MR16SP 39 Watt 12° spot
BGS9 Brass glare shield, 45° cutoff
SA Sure Aim locking rotation accessory
SQ2 4.75″ Square canopy substitution for standard round canopy

Gobo Patterns

Standard gobo patterns shown below.  Many custom patterns are available.  See Other Patterns Here (specify Apollo part number).

Gobo Pattern Amorphous


Gobo Pattern Eqyptian Palms
Egyptian Palms
Gobo Pattern Wild Palms
Wild Palms


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